About Us - Experience and Expertizes

In past years HolisticWare has proven that there is no obstacle for it, tackling both small and big problems increasing its Experience and Expertizes.

HolisticWare - About Us
Experience and Expertise

In past years HolisticWare team has proven that there is no obstacle for it, tackling both small and big problems increasing its Experience and Expertise. Therefore, the team has proven itself as a reliable and trustworthy partner for our customers, clients and partners.

In 2012 main focus of he team to prove itself on the international markets and as a result team got several contracts in the US and Canada.


HolisticWare acts as a partner of several Croatian internet service providers (ISPs) and telephony service providers (TSP) and it has successfully implemented more than 30 integration solutions (mostly VoIP) for those service providers. The team is proud that it has been a witness of the introductory steps of the VoIP in Croatia and that it has taken part and helped in those first steps, working mostly on the first lines at customer/client premises, having no fear to grab the waves from those first sets and surf them to success...

With the advance of the recession the team's focus was to start activities on the global market, especially markets in the European Union and in North America. Currently the team works on several consulting and software development projects in US and Canada mostly dealing with custom cross platform mobile application development.


HolisticWare team and its external partners covers wide range of state-of-the-art IT knowledge in system and software design, development, testing and integration. It has no fear to tackle both proprietary technologies, like Microsoft, and on the other side open-source like Linux, combining the best of both worlds, offering clients best-value-for-money.

Team focuses in several core areas:

  • custom software development (mobile, web, desktop) and design of application solution architecture

    To name some of the team's projects in 2012 where the team has proven themselves as highly skilled professionals and experts. Projects

    Some of HolisticWare's expertise are published in form of open source projects, and it's team is contributing on several open source projects, showing team's willingness to share our knowledge and know-how with people with similar mindsets. Details (read more)...

  • system design/modeling integration and administration/maintenance

Based on experience and expertise team offers consulting and planning in creating concepts and deployment of complete turnkey solutions which are well suited based on noninvasive (nonintrusive) approach to find adequate technologies that best fit client's business needs. One of greater strengths of the team members is experience in implementation, maintenance and optimization of existing IT systems.

Team's experience and expertise ranges from Microsoft products, over cross-platform tools designed by Xamarin and various tools on Linux and Macintosh platforms. Team members have profound knowledge in technologies for networking and security with equipment like: Cisco (Linksys), Polycom, Grandstream, Digium etc.

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