Services: System Design, Development, Implementation and Integration

Services provided by Holisticware: system design, development, implementation, integration, ip telephony (VoIP), software development, cloud computing, azure, appharbor

Services: System Design, Development, Implementation and Integration

HolisticWare members and its enthusiastic associates provide wide range of services, ranging from:

  • consulting

    The team has proven itself on numerous projects on local market in Croatia and on the global market in USA and Canada.

  • analysis

    Team's expertizes were used on custom software development and cross-platform porting projects all over the world.

  • design

    Architectural application design done by HolisticWare team shortened time-to-market for several software products.

  • development/implementation

    Team's knowledge, effort and help to customers and communities was recognized on number of projects ranging from commercial to open-source.

  • system integration

in several areas:

Software Development

Extensive programming experience on several platforms (Unixoids or any flavor if Windows OS) in C, C++ or under Microsoft .net and even Mono (.net port to Linux). Support for wide range of domain problems ranging from Business, Control Systems and even Sports...

Team focuses it's efforts on cross platform development (interoperability) on mobile, desktop and server platforms.

In 2012 team members have worked on several international projects. Most of those projects were porting of existing Windows Mobile applications to iOS and Android. Porting was achieved with help of Xamarin tools:


System Integration

  • IP Telephony/ VoIP

    Offering sotftPBX installations of Open Source Asterisk server and Asterisk based IP-PBX products (Software appliances - customized Linux distribution that includes Asterisk server) like Elastix, Trixbox and AsteriskNow.

    Furthermore HolisticWare is offers consulting, education, technical advising for IP telephony systems, targeting mostly private users and small business.

  • Cloud computing

    In 2012 as a part of software development projects the team has done significant breakthrough modern (or better "hype") topics such as:

    The team did first deployments and integrations of the Composite C1 open source CMS system on AppHarbor cloud platform.

    for internal and some open-source projects the team has done several deployments on Microsoft's Azure cloud app platform.

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